Dr. Gordon Awandare
(Program Director)
University of Ghana, Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular, Biology, (BCMB)PhDMalaria parasite biology, immunology and pathogenesisgawandare@ug.edu.gh
Dr. Patrick K. Arthur
(Head, Training and Research)
University of Ghana, BCMBPhDChemical Biology and Proteomics in Infectious Diseasesparthur@ug.edu.gh
Prof. Sammy T. SackeyUniversity of Ghana, BCMBPhDVirology, molecular biologysams@ug.edu.gh
Dr. Lydia MosiUniversity of Ghana, BCMBPhDBuruli Ulcer, Molecular Biology, Bioinformaticslmosi@ug.edu.gh
Dr. Osbourne QuayeUniversity of Ghana, BCMBPhDZoonotic transmission of gastro-viral agents, Virology, Enzymologyoquaye@ug.edu.gh
Dr. Theresa ManfulUniversity of Ghana, BCMBPhDTrypanosomes and Leishmania, Molecular Biology, Bioinformaticstmanful@ug.edu.gh
Dr. Marian A. NyakoUniversity of Ghana, BCMBPhDMalaria parasite biology, Molecular cell biologymanyako1@ug.edu.gh
Prof. Naa A. AdamafioUniversity of Ghana, BCMBPhDSignal transduction, bioremediationadamafio@ug.edu.gh
Dr. Jonathan P. AdjimaniUniversity of Ghana, BCMBPhDBioenergetics, enzymologyadjimani@ug.edu.gh
Prof. Laud K.N-A OkineUniversity of Ghana, BCMBPhDNaturals products, toxicologylkokine@ug.edu.gh
Rev. Dr. W. S. K. GbewonyoUniversity of Ghana, BCMBPhDInsect biochemistry, natural productswsgbew@ug.edu.gh
Dr. Augustine OclooUniversity of Ghana, BCMBPhDBioenergetics, protein chemistryaocloo@ug.edu.gh
Dr. N. A. YeboahUniversity of Ghana, BCMBPhDProtein chemistry, molecular biologynayeboa@ug.edu.gh
Dr. Kodzo GbewonyoUniversity of Ghana, BCMBPhDBiotechnology, molecular biologygbewonyo@aol.com
Prof. Kwadwo A. Koram
(Deputy Center Leader)
University of Ghana, Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR)MD, PhDEpidemiology of infectious diseases, malariakkoram@noguchi.ug.edu.gh
Prof. Dorothy Yeboah-ManuUniversity of Ghana, Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR)PhDBacteriology, molecular epidemiology, Antimicrobial therapeuticsdyeboah-manu@noguchi.ug.edu.gh
Dr. Michael F. OforiUniversity of Ghana, Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR)PhDMalaria parasite biology, placental malariamofori@noguchi.ug.edu.gh
Dr. Kwadwo Asamoah KusiUniversity of Ghana, Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR)PhDMalaria immunologyakusi@noguchi.ug.edu.gh
Dr. Nancy Duah QuashieUniversity of Ghana, Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR)PhDMolecular epidemiologynduah@noguchi.ug.edu.gh
Dr. Anita GhansahUniversity of Ghana, Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR)PhDGenetic epidemiologyaghansah@noguchi.ug.edu.gh
Ama DadsonUniversity of Ghana, University of Ghana Computing SystemsMScICTadadson@ug.edu.gh
Barfi-Adomako OwusuUniversity of Ghana, University of Ghana Computing SystemsMScICTbarfiado@ug.edu.gh
Prof. Isabella QuakyiUniversity of Ghana, School of Public HealthPhDMalaria immunity and vaccine developmentprofquakyi@gmail.com
Prof. Julius FobilUniversity of Ghana, School of Public HealthPhDMalaria epidemiology and biostatisticsjfobil@ug.edu.gh
Dr. Samuel BosomprahUniversity of Ghana, School of Public HealthPhDBiostatisticssbosomprah@ug.edu.gh
Dr. Samuel K. KwofieUniversity of Ghana, Biomedical EngineeringPhDBioinformatics, structural biology, hepatitisskkwofie@ug.edu.gh
Dr. Elvis K. TiburuUniversity of Ghana, Biomedical EngineeringPhDTargeted drug discovery and delivery, structural biology, canceref.buru@ug.edu.gh
Dr. George Obeng-AdjeiUniversity of Ghana Medical SchoolMD, PhDMalaria chemotherapygoadjei@chs.edu.gh
Dr. Neils QuashieUniversity of Ghana Medical SchoolPhDMolecular epidemiology, antimicrobial therapeuticsnquashie@noguchi.ug.edu.gh
Prof. Robert A. Kwame-AryeeUniversity of Ghana, School of Allied Health SciencesMDObstetrics and Gynecology,Workshopsquamearyee2010@ymail.com
Dr. Richard AsmahUniversity of Ghana, School of Allied Health SciencesPhDImmunology and Molecular Biologyrhasmah@chs.edu.gh
Dr. Lucas Amenga-EtegoNavrongo Health Research CenterPhDHost and Pathogen genomics, Bioinformaticslucasmenga@gmail.com
Dr Seth Owusu-AgyeiKintampo Health Research CenterPhDMolecular Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases, Malaria EpidemiologySeth.Owusu-Agyei@lshtm.ac.uk
Dr. Kwaku Poku AsanteKintampo Health Research CenterMD, PhDResearch Methods,Malaria epidemiologykwakupoku.asante@kintampo-hrc.org
Prof. Bassirou BonfohSwiss Centre for Scientific Research, Cote d’IvoirePhDZoonotic parasitic diseases, transmission risk analysisbassirou.bonfoh@csrs.ci
Dr. Alfred Amambua-NgwaMedical Research Council, The GambiaPhDHost and Pathogen genomics, Bioinformaticsangwa@mrc.gm
Dr. Sodiomon B. SirimaCentre National de Recherche et de Formation sur le Paludisme (CNRFP), Burkina FasoPhDMalaria epidemiologys.sirima.cnlp@fasonet.bf
Prof. Keith GullUniversity of Oxford, UKPhDAfrican trypanosomes, Leishmaniakeith.gull@path.ox.ac.uk
Prof. Kirk DeitschWeill Medical College of Cornell University, USAPhDMolecular biology of Plasmodiakwd2001@med.cornell.edu
Prof. Dick McIntoshUniversity of Colorado, Boulder, COPhDMitosis, Kinetochore-Microtubule Interactionsrichard.mcintosh@colorado.edu
Prof. David ConwayLondon School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UKPhDPopulation genetics, molecular biology and immunology of malariadavid.conway@lshtm.ac.uk
Prof. Mark CarringtonUniversity of Cambridge, UKPhDMolecular cell biology of Trypanosomes, Genomicsmniang@pasteur.sn